Genesis Biology / Pepto Pro - MASS-Pack MK677, Pro

MASS-Pack MK677, Pro

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Genesis-Biology / Pepto-Pro
Steroids Replacement / Alternative, Muscle Mass Gain
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Designed for:  Maximum gain in muscle mass and strength 

Level:  For advanced, hardcore and professional bodybuilders or men with body weight over 95 kg

Based on:  SARM, HGH Secretagogue & Myostatine Inhibitor (LGD4033 + Ibutamoren MK677 + Follistatin-344)

Cycle length:  Moderate, 12 weeks 

Short description:

Best, strongest and most effective alternative to hardcore steroid cycle (similar like MASS-pack MK677, but this is his alternative based on SARM + HGH Secretagogue + Myostatine Inhibitor combination). Strongest anabolic package which today exists at all! Stronger and more effective than hardcore volume anabolic steroids, stronger than high dose of rHGH! Maximum possible gain in hard muscle mass and strength, but without harmful side effect. 

Main effects:

Maximizing protein synthesis, rapid muscle hypertrophy (the growth of muscle cells), rapid muscle hyperplasia (the growth of new muscle cells), Myostatin inhibition (blocking muscle-growth-braking gene GDF-8), muscle androgen receptors binding, IGF-1 level strong increase

Included products:

Genesis-Biology-LGD 4033

Name:  LGD-4033 - 5 mg (90 tab)

Manufacturer:  Genesis Biology

Category:  SARM / Steroids Alternative


Quantity / number of packages:  4

Dosage:  4 tabs daily


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LGD-4033 Pro - 5 mg (90 tab)

Genesis-Biology-Ibutamoren MK677

Name:  Ibutamoren MK677 - 25 mg (90 tab)

Manufacturer:  Genesis Biology

Category:  HGH Secretagogue


Quantity / number of packages:  2

Dosage:  2 tabs daily


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Ibutamoren MK677 - 25 mg (90 tab)

Pepto pro follistatin

Name:  Follistatin-344 - 1000 mcg

Manufacturer:  Pepto-Pro

Category:  Myostatin Inhibitor


Quantity / number of packages:  3

Dosage:  100 mcg 3 x 10 days


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Follistatin-344  - 1000 mcg

With this package you save: 160 €

(as if you bought these products separately)



Sunday, 26 June 2016

nových 17kg na váze, se svalovým objemem. víc než dobrá změna !

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