Peptidy vs rustový hormon

Peptidy vs HGH

GHR Peptidy versus syntetický Růstový Hormon (rHGH).

Který z nich je lepší a proč?

Both - Peptides and rHGH also have many favorable and beneficial effects for overall body and health, and also brings many benefits to athletes and bodybuilders. There is, however, many differences that when comparing points clearly in favor of peptides as better and safer way

Když užíváte peptidy:

Peptides are fully natural way to increase and maintain of level of own endogenous HGH in body, they supports natural HGH production in Pituitary Gland.This kind of HGH is in body very good tolerated, absolutely safe & without adverse effects at proper use. In addition, own endogenous HGH (produced in Pituitary Gland) has very wide and complete spectrum, which is able to cover a lot more benefits and beneficial effects for body than syntetic exogenous rHGH. Peptides promotes HGH production for a long period still after therapy is stopped. Also exist many kind of peptides and special selective peptides with extra functions and benefits, which rHGH absolutely can not bring (for example: Follistatin-344 - myostatin inhibition, Melanotan-2 - unmatched tanning effect or PT-141 - strong libido booster and many other).

Když užíváte syntetický rHGH:

Syntetic rHGH (scientifically called "rHGH - recombinant Human Growth Hormone") is no so good tolerated by body, as own endogenous HGH: And there are undoubtedly possible risks of serious harmful effects and health damage (as Diabetes, Cancer or Thyroid damage risk!). Too Acromegaly risk (enlargement of internal organs)! At the same time, rHGH use can suppress natural HGH production, this is very probably (because what is supply to the body artificially, it stops producing same, as when administered steroids, the body stops producing its own testosterone). In other words - supply of rHGH can negatively impact pituitary function - can damage endogenous HGH natural production in body. There are too next possible problems such as high risk of overdose or tachyphylaxis (the gradual loss of effectiveness when administered drug). HGH levels is very quick drop too, when therapy is stopped.


CONCLUSION:  Peptides have a lot more benefits and possitive efects for overall health & condition than rHGH. At the same time, all changes take place absolutelly natural way, without harmful effects or health risks possible from use of syntetic rHGH, and peptides maintain health level of endogenous HGH in body. Peptides are for their many advantages a considerably better option as rHGH not only for bodybuilders and athletes, but also for ordinary people likewise.

Comparison of possible side effects:

Harmful / Adverse Effects, Health Risks Peptides rHGH
Diabetes risk ! NO YES!
Cancer risk ! NO YES!
Thyroid damage risk ! NO YES!
Acromegaly risk (enlargement of internal organs) ! NO YES!
Risk od endogenous HGH natural production damage / suppression ! NO YES!
High risk of overdose NO YES!
HGH levels is very quick drop too, when therapy is stopped NO YES!
Possible tachyphylaxis (gradual loss of effectiveness when administered drug) NO YES!
Comparison of possible advantages & benefits:
Muscles & Fitness Benefits, Advantages & Disadvantages Peptides rHGH
Very high quality, hard & lean muscle mass additions ! YES YES
Stable, durable and sustainable muscle additions ! YES YES
No harmful androgenic effects ! YES YES
No plato (no quick loss of efficiency) ! YES YES
Muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle cells) ! YES YES
Muscle hyperplasia (real growth of new muscle cells) ! YES YES
Maximizing of protein synthesis and anabolism by blocking Myostatin GDF-8 gene YES NO 
Ability to significantly increase muscle Mechanical Growth Factor (MGF) YES NO
Ability to improve number of cells in Pituitary Gland, which produce natural endogenous HGH YES NO
Ability to maintain the achieved muscles mass, form and condition, for bodybuilders and athletes who train stopped  YES NO
Ability to increase production of endogenous Testosterone in body YES NO
Strong anticatabolic effect YES YES
Excelent muscle regeneration, recovery YES YES
Improvements in strength & speed YES YES
Improvements in performance & endurance YES YES
Strong fat burning support YES YES
Increase in peak performance & endurance up to 50% YES NO
Safe without adverse effects on the proper use !  YES NO 
Overall health improvements ! YES YES
Prevention & protection against many serious diseases YES YES
Whole body regeneration incl. internal organs ! YES YES
Strong anti-aging effect, rejuvenation ! YES YES
Feel of great freshness, energy & vitality YES YES
Deep & high quality night sleep YES YES
Improve skin, hair, nails quality YES YES 
Support collagen production, wrinkles reduction YES YES 
Libido, potent & sexual health support YES YES 
Significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, low cholesterol level maintaining YES YES
Promoting a healthy heart, blood vessels, brain YES YES
Stimulation of red blood cell production YES YES
Strengthening the immune system YES YES
Improved metabolism YES YES
Increased bone strength & density YES YES
The effective restoration of joints, ligaments and cartilage YES YES
Antiinflammatory & antioxidant effect YES YES
Neuroprotective effects YES YES
Support memory, concentration, focus, ability to learn YES YES
Ability to neutralize the effects of stress, sedative effects YES NO
Tanning support - browning of skin YES NO
Support healthy levels of endogenous HGH YES NO 
Supports pituitary health & functions YES NO
Very well body toleration, tolerance YES NO 
The Natural Way YES NO 
High safe on the proper use YES NO 


Peptidy a SARMs nejsou doplňky stravy a jejich prodej je pouze k výzkumným účelům. Obsah této stránky je přístupný pouze osobám starším 18 let.